Categorizing Content: Understanding Categories and Tags

Understanding the categories and tags sections of your blog will help you in categorizing content. Albeit, categories and tags are simply the terms WordPress uses for grouping or categorizing content.

categorizing content on blogs

Categorizing Content Basics

You can not say you are publishing quality content when you are grouping them wrongly. The way you organize your content will give the very first impression. If you plan on focusing multiple areas of life, then you have to give attention to categorizing your content.

In my own idea, looking at your blog as an apartment; A house contains different sections (categories) while the different sections contain sections of their own (tags). Example of CATEGORIES in this scenario are; Sitting Room, Bed Room, Dinning Room, Laundry, Kitchen, Toilet, Balcony etc. And Example of TAGS from a Sitting Room are; Electronics, Furniture, Decorations, etc.

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From the above illustration, you will agree with me we can not group electronics alongside rooms. Likewise, we can not group a bed alongside bedroom or toilet. Categorizing content in a bad manner is worse than not grouping them at all.
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