Engr Kehinde A A, EKIAA

I am EKIAA, a wandering prince in search of freedom – for all. I have been living the laptop lifestyle for couple of years. Combined with my adventurous nature, I am going countries that I like to explore. The man with no religion, no skin colour, no race, and no gender.

I intend sharing couple of things totally free of charge to the best of my own understanding. I literally don’t have the plan of selling any information whatsoever. So tag along.

I aim to bring freedom to as many as I could reach through the power of internet. Right here, on this platform, I will be decrypting as much web secrets that are somewhat hard to understand.

EKIAA is a go to hub for your IT consultation. This platform is the product of my passion to create freedom by empowering people through the internet.


I realize how enormous  the internet has become. So much that its bigger than the physical world. Looking at the rate of jobless youths in my home country, I am moved to create a platform to empower through the internet.

What I do

I am an ordinary web designer who looks to fill the voids being overlooked. I am also a blogger with stern difference. Being a digital marketer comes naturally along with field of interests.


My employment status is currently UNEMPLOYED. Yes please, I am looking for  job where I will work 5hours, 4days a week. Which will come with 2months sponsored vacation to my destination of choice yearly.

However, I give freelance jobs to qualified or willing people. Which includes writing jobs, logistics jobs, collation jobs etc. These are jobs from my clients, which I can’t possibly handle all by myself.

I am EKIAA, I am just here to help

Contacting Me

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