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BBM Custom Pin Contest: $1200 up for grab in November

Hey there! BBM Custom Pin Contest is here to part away with $1200 in a November to remember. I think […]

WhatsApp Unsend Message, Retract That Embarrassment

‘WhatsApp Unsend Message’ title anywhere sure calls everyone attention. Oh! Wait, don’t rush to your phone to unsend all those […]

How I have been Living the Laptop Lifestyle

Living the laptop lifestyle has been my major source of income for about 5yrs now. Lets not say its my […]

Double Android Applications on just one Phone

My need to run double android applications will elude you unless you are in my field. If you work where […]

BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger with Latest Features

Whatsapp Messenger has suddenly become an unending nightmare for BlackBerry’s loyal fan. BlackBerry Whatsapp Messenger is not available for most […]

Protect Your Money on Electronic Banking

Needless to say a lot of people have been a victim of electronic theft. But I must say it is […]

Take Charge of your Total Privacy on WhatsApp Now

Whatsapp Privacy is one of the edge it has over other messaging apps. However, the only privacy that comes by […]