Take Charge of your Total Privacy on WhatsApp Now

Whatsapp Privacy is one of the edge it has over other messaging apps. However, the only privacy that comes by default is encryption and status updates (which is only visible to contacts). Hence, the need to enlighten you about setting up and understanding your privacy on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp privacy settings

WhatsApp Privacy

Taking control over your privacy is something to hail whatsapp owners for. Albeit, you can not control your ONLINE/OFFLINE status; which is one thing I love Blackberry Messenger for.

However, we can not take away some good privacy control option available on Whatsapp. The privacy options are listed below;

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  1. Last seen
  2. Profile Photo
  3. About
  4. Status Updates
  5. Read Receipts
  6. Blocking

By defaults, WhatsApp made all the above Public except for Status updates for all contacts.
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