WhatsApp Unsend Message, Retract That Embarrassment

WhatsApp Unsend Message’ title anywhere sure calls everyone attention. Oh! Wait, don’t rush to your phone to unsend all those embarrassing texts. Take a break! We’ve all been there, unless you are one hell of a robot. Well, I have some messages I wish I didn’t tap the send button. Fortunately, henceforth, I can now retract my WhatsApp message. Meanwhile, I need to be fast to achieve that. I will not be leaving BLACKBERRY USERS out in this article.

whatsapp unsend message

WhatsApp Unsend Message?

One of the thing I love in BBM over WhatsApp is the ability to retract a message. Until now, there is no WhatsApp unsend message fuction. Leaving us to deal with the mistakes manually. I have ended up in some “sorry positions” just because there was no ability to retract message on Whatsapp.
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